To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter when I should be doing other, far more productive things. Rather regrettably, I have been drawn from the historical world of leadership and the painstaking analysis of archetypal literary criticism in order to pen this note.


Quite plainly, I am tired of the wonder woman. I am tired of her complaints, the expectations placed on her and the continual propaganda to revolutionise her as a symbol of equality and success. The wonder woman is exhausting.

Perhaps here, I do not refer explicitly to the fictional character currently being portrayed by Gal Gadot in cinemas. What I am referring to is the twenty-first century wonder woman, bred into a world that exalts feminism and readies its soldiers with weapons of verbal and legal poison. Don’t deny it.

We are all being fed a lie.

To think that we are invincible, that we can conquer motherhood, full-time work and relationships, that we can overcome the masculine ‘evil’ in sporting events of equal measure is wrong.

I’m sorry. Men and women are not equal in strength and nor were they designed to do the same things. We’d all be clones of one another if that was the case. There would be no need for two genders.

We are trying so, so hard, today. Every morning, I awaken to new reports of sexism accusations, accounts of discrimination against females and evidence of repeated mainstream media bias that not only makes us as a sex look weak, but also removes every ounce of credibility from gender-based discussions. I find it embarrassing that the men’s right documentary The Red Pillwas banned in Australia because of feminist protests. It’s shameful that we cannot have a reasonable, balanced discussion anymore because a handful of people might get offended. Aren’t we living in a democracy? Can we not at least abide by the founding right of free expression?

Surely, as women, we are capable of far more than whinging. Surely, too, we can recognise the fact that men are better suited to some things than us. Equality in everything isn’t really a thing.

Yes, this idea of the wonder woman bores me. It also bores many men (including my father) who would all too readily agree that in complaining about gender discrimination, women are only talking to themselves. Men have far better things to do than to pander to petty minutia. In fact, the world has far better things to focus on than whether gender quotas are met in the workplace.

To clarify, I am not male. I am a young female. Not all women feel they should be the wonder woman.

To go all guns blazing into battle is not what we as women are designed to do. Our physiology indicates this perfectly. Why do you think no females have made the Grand Final of Australian Ninja Warrior? It’s great that females attempted the course, but we shouldn’t feel the need to become defensive or accusatory when the opposite gender emerges as triumphant.

So, let’s stop using our gender to advance an agenda. Let’s say thank-you when a male colleague compliments us on our appearance. Let’s celebrate the wonderful diversity of abilities and strengths that makes our world so beautiful.

More importantly, let’s remember that the wonder woman doesn’t exist. She is not an achievable goal. Rather, the everyday hero is. The simple acts of holding the door open for others and making someone else’s day is not gender explicit. Men are not better at it than us, nor are we better at it than them.

I would rather be known for what I do than whether I am male or female. I don’t want a job because  I am a woman and if men are physically stronger, so be it.

You and I are here for a purpose and it is up to you to decide what you’ll do with your time on Earth.

#nogendernoagenda starts now.

Let’s put an end to the wonder woman and celebrate the everyday hero who can be whoever you want it to be.

Citizens are in strife. You’d better get to the rescue.

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