In the same way we verbally communicate with individuals on a daily basis, your writing has the power to do the same. Never, for one second, be led into believing that the words you write are just “text”. If you have a piece of paper, a typewriter or a screen in front of you, then you have the tools from which a movement can be sprung. Words can compel, summon tears and laughter because of you.

Just you.

Therefore, does it not seem strange that so many writers feel the need to replicate styles and formulaic plots? When I wander into the library, I am overwhelmed by vampire novels and depressing tales of woe and identity loss. This sudden burst of commonality between young-adult fiction is startling and poses a serious question: Where are the real voices?

At the present moment, all I hear when I open up a glossy, vampire-lover novel, is a sad sigh of restraint. We are nervous, you see, to go beyond the boundaries of what has previously been successful. As a teenage writer, however, I must state that I am exhausted of such bland fiction! Where is the spice of adventure, the risky journey into uncharted waters?

We must be very careful about what we write and how we write it. Let your words become meaningful, powerful and inspiring. This way, the richness of literacy can endure and not become tarnished by repetition and fear.




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  1. From the moment Twilight hit it big i knew this would be all I hear u_u vampires were just my thing, it was where I began, the first thing I wrote. Then vamps hit it big and it was vampire this, vampires that, and next thing I know everyone’s ready to move on!
    I’ve certainly branched a lil sinse then, but it still saddens me a lil that there’s now such animosity for em


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