You. (Very Short Story)


I met you as a stranger today and told you my life story over a single cup of vanilla chai dusted in a snowstorm of cinnamon. They say opposites attract, and I suppose that was most definitely the case with you and I. I’m lying here on the grass outside watching the stars and the moon and smiling as I think of how you made me laugh today until my cheeks ached and bright tears of happiness crept down my face. How could I have never met you before and yet bonded with you through a glance? We are made for one another, I know that for sure.

When I was younger, I’d avoid touching the grass because I was afraid of beetles and ants. Tonight, however, the pale glow of the moon is my companion as I think about you. I must say, it makes a poor substitute to our conversation, but no matter. It’s funny, isn’t it, how you can lock eyes with someone and suddenly feel invincible. You made me feel like superwoman and as soon as I saw your face, I felt as though I could tell you everything. I was so alone, and so run down, but you picked up my soul like a cloud and lifted it until it was high above the storm of reality. I’m smiling now, thinking about today. It was providence, I suppose. I was wearing my oldest thongs and overalls, and I’m sorry you had to witness the tears and creases in my clothing. I guess when you’re alone you forget about things like tidiness. You, on the other hand, looked pristine. We kind of complimented one another, in a nice kind of way. Your hair the colour of coconut and snowflakes and my wild head of flame coloured tresses. 

I suppose, in a bitter kind of sense, it’s a good thing I met your lover. That grey-haired woman, sitting across the cafe from us, laughing. If I hadn’t met her eye, I think I would have whisked you away with me.

We had fun, you and I. When the lady called for you, I admit, my heart dipped. I wanted you to stay so badly and yet you knew you had to go.

So you did. With a flick of your tail and a patter of paws you left for your owner.

Just as any good dog should do.

© Belle, OneTeenWriter, 2017


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