The Water Child (Tiny Story)

dsc_1859Gently, her fingertips connected with the pool, feeling the water kiss her skin. Her skirt hung limply down her body like leaves, withered and lifeless. Despite not being attired for swimming, the girl continued slowly into the water, her hands becoming submerged beneath the liquid. Her skirt began to float as a cloud might, swirling in a gravity-defying, billowing white mass. Matching that of the water colour, her blue eyes remained focussed ahead as she moved. Though her vision was obscured by a film of tears, the girl allowed her feet to feel and connect with the slippery floor beneath her. With each step, her feelings of abandonment and isolation imprinted themselves in the depths of her heart; firmer and firmer. Her cheeks shone, polished by the salty tears navigating their way across her face. The water beckoned and after an agonising journey, she had found peace. A shuddering sigh escaped her lips as she brought her body underwater. After the bubbles and vibrations settled, the girl let her feet touch the bottom of the pool and looked upwards towards the light.

Now, her tears and the water were one.


[Copyright, OneTeenWriter 2017…my own work]



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